Find the Perfect Fit

Sizing Guide


Hamilton carries buckle, adjustable and martingale collars that range anywhere from 8″ to 26″. Please note that we measure our collection of collars from end to end.

For the best fit for your pet, measure around your pet’s neck and add 2 inches to ensure a comfortable fit. When your pet’s collar is on, there should be a gap large enough for two average sized fingers to fit.


  • Hamilton harnesses are designed to fit your dog proportionately according to the measurement of his chest size.
  • Measure the chest size with a flexible tape measure right behind the front legs up and around. Adjust buckles to fit your dog’s chest and shoulders comfortably. Fit should be snug, but you should be able to fit two fingers between your dogs body and the harness.
  • Be sure to check the fit and adjust as necessary before each use.


  • Making sure your horse has the perfect halter fit will ensure safety and comfort ability.
  • Make sure the nose band sits two to three finger widths below the cheek bone and the cheek piece is parallel to the cheek bone.
  • For a comfortable yet secure fit, you should be able to slip three fingers inside the nose band, throat latch, and under the chin.