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National Camping Month: Are you Prepared?

Young Happy Husky Eskimo Dog Sitting In Grass Outdoor

June is National
Camping Month and we are all about it! Camping is such a great way to
disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with
nature, yourself, and those around you. Camping makes for excellent quality
time and can yield wonderful lifelong memories IF you are prepared. We’re sure
you’re well aware of what to bring for yourself – from flashlights to warm
socks, we’ve no doubts you’re prepared – but what about the dog? It’s important
to know that, while the campsite is dog friendly, not everyone around you will
be so be prepared to make extra provisions for keeping your dog contained and
entertained.  Here are a few must-brings
for proper campsite etiquette on behalf of Buddy:

  • Doggy Bowls. Of course you’ll
    need two for both food and water. Be sure to keep them clean and possibly
    elevated to avoid bug infestation.
  • Food, Treats,
    Supplements, Medicines.
    Anything your pet ingests on a daily basis should
    be continued while camping and kept in a closed, possibly elevated area to
    avoid bugs and bears from getting to them.
  • Pet Restraint. Whether it’s
    their crate, a fenced parameter, or tie out, it’s imperative to bring a
    method of keeping your pet in your area if they wander. It’s not just being
    considerate of your neighbors, it’s keeping your pet safe around strangers.
  • Doggy Bed. This one’s up to
    you; we’re suckers and don’t want our dogs sleeping on the ground.
  • Leash/Harness. It’s part of
    being prepared, especially if the group goes exploring.
  • Pick Up Bags. Other than a tie
    out, picking up after your pet is a top contender when it comes to camping
  • Favorite
    For entertainment during downtime.

What are some things you
bring camping for your pet? Show us pictures of you and your outdoorsy animal
on Twitter! @HamiltonPet

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