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Welcome to the Hamilton education center.

We believe in sharing our knowledge so that you can make the best, most informed decisions when choosing products for your pet. We are confident that once you become familiar with the quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship of our products you will find that Hamilton is the brand you will trust as so many others have for more than 40 years. Stop by often as we add informative articles to enhance your knowledge of our products.

How To’s

  • The Dish on Dog Bite Prevention                           We know that Dog Bite Prevention Week was last month, but we still think the message is incredibly important to pass on. 48% of households across the … Continue reading
  • April Showers Bring… Wet Dog Smell                           Man oh man, this wet weather is killing us. Not only because our pant legs get damp and people drive really slow, but because our dogs STINK! … Continue reading
  • Should I Walk my Cat? Introducing Cats to Leashes and Harnesses   Taking your cat out for walks may seem like a newer concept for you, but did you know that 18% of all cat owners own a leash for their pet? That’s right, we’re talking about leashes to take your … Continue reading
  • How to prepare for a horse show If you’re considering entering your horse into an upcoming show, there are some important steps to take to ensure your best shot during competition. Make sure to groom your horse regularly, and not just regularly right before the big show. … Continue reading
  • How to Put on a Hamilton Collar It’s our pleasure to bring our customers a wide variety of leashes and collars that fit every personality, but we’ve been hearing some issues with putting them on, and we certainly don’t want that! What good is coming up with … Continue reading
  • How To: Use Walk With Me Head Harness Walk With Me™ Head Harness Walking is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and should be a bonding experience between pet and owner. The Hamilton™ Walk With Me™ Head Harness is designed to safely and comfortably take the pull … Continue reading
  • How To: Fit A Horse Halter Hamilton™ Horse Halters Hamilton™ provides  several styles of premium halters for your horse in nylon or leather, depending on preference. Our nylon halters are produced from the highest quality, abrasion resistant webbing. With over 16 feet of material and 1100 … Continue reading
  • How To: Fit A Horse Blanket Horse Blankets Whether you live in warmer or colder weather, a horse blanket can be used for many other reasons than just to keep warm. Horse blankets keep your horse clean, which is crucial for show horses, and some blankets … Continue reading
  • How To: Fit A Dog Harness Hamilton™ Dog Harnesses When should you choose a harness over the traditional dog collar?  First, we always suggest a collar with ID tags attached whenever your dog is out because even the most diligent pet parent may suffer the angst … Continue reading
  • Outdoor Pest Prevention Just as us humans prevent health issues, such as skin cancer, our pets need to have preventative care as well. As responsible pet owners, make sure your pet is able to block any parasites or diseases that could potentially be … Continue reading

Product Information

  • When it comes to Show and Livestock Animals, We’re Taking the Lead   If you have show and/or livestock animals, you may be familiar with our brand; in fact, Hamilton has been around for over 40 years, providing quality leads, collars and halters for livestock animals. But, do you know about the … Continue reading
  • Hamilton Cat Collar Features Hamilton™ Feline Collar Features Choosing the right collar for your feline friend can be a hard decision based on design, fit, and comfort, not to mention that cats are notoriously fickle. We understand that the inquisitive and playful personalities of … Continue reading
  • Hamilton Nylon Collar Features Hamilton nylon collars, feature webbing that is 100% first run, professional grade and outperforms all others in strength, flexibility and durability. The collars offer a high thread count resulting in unmatched feel and are custom dyed to reduce fading and … Continue reading
  • Hamilton Horse Halter Features Horses take a lot of care, not to mention love, and finding the perfect tack for your horse can be difficult. Hamilton™ Horse Products ensure safety and product longevity for a one time best fit. With over 16 feet of … Continue reading
  • Choosing the Right Color for Your Dog!   How do you pick out a collar for a dog who can’t tell you what they like? Go with the color that complements your dog’s coat! Collars are not just something to attach a lead or ID to, they … Continue reading

Grooming and Care

  • 6 Hygiene Tips For Pets To Keep Eyes, Ears, Nose & Mouth Healthy                         For lots of people, grooming is more or less so the dog doesn’t reek and make everyone uncomfortable but, the truth is, it’s actually a major contributor to … Continue reading
  • Helping Horses Get Spruced up for Spring                 Most horse owners know just how important a well-groomed horse is; not just for looks, but for their health. Keeping their coats and shoes clean rids them of dirt and bacteria where … Continue reading
  • Horse Care Whether you have a horse for riding, showing, or working, horse care is always a priority. These majestic creatures show strength more than anyone can imagine, and have personalities as broad as us humans. As a horse owner, it’s important … Continue reading
  • Grooming: Horses Those of you who take care of horses know that keeping your horse groomed can take a lot of time and patience. However, grooming your horse regularly will help you detect any injuries or wounds and will keep their coat … Continue reading
  • Grooming: Show Animals Preparing for show season not only takes a lot of time and hard work, but requires proper tools to help your animal become a winner. Some tools you will need for your show animal this season are collars, leads, harnesses, … Continue reading
  • Winter Precaution For Your Horse Winter Precautions For Your Horse As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, now is the time to start preparing for you and your horse. Some main things to consider for your horse are: Start by acclimating your … Continue reading