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Keeping Horses Cool in the Summer

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Warm weather is the perfect time to own a horse; the long days lend
themselves to relaxed rides and quality time with an incredible animal. But
caring for such large animals in the heat takes a few more considerations than
a dog or cat, which you can simply let into your air-conditioned living room.
Below are a couple of ways you can help your horse beat the heat.

  • Water. While this can
    probably go without saying, access to clean fresh water is the #1 warm weather
    necessity. It’s important to use an adequately sized bucket for convenient
    access and keep stock tanks and troughs clean to promote drinking.
  • Baths. Sponge or spray
    cool water over your horse, especially under the throat, belly, and inside
    their legs. If your horse is overheating, try a mixture of half alcohol and
    half water for faster cooling.
  • Shade. Run your horse in
    the early morning before it gets too hot and provide a shaded area for them to
    retreat to throughout the day – preferably a run-in shed, but any covered area
    is better than none.
  • Ventilation. Consider stable
    fans and misters, and try to leave the windows and doors open when possible to
    promote airflow.
  • Electrolytes. Since horses
    sweat, some owners recommend replenishing the lost electrolytes with a suitable
    supplement, as severe loss can cause fatigue, muscle cramping, and colic.
  • Coat Care. Keep coats trim, especially the tail and
    mane and consider using products with some sort of UV protection. Clean hair
    also allows for better air circulation, so be sure to wash and brush your horse regularly.

What are some ways you
keep your horses comfortable in the hot summer months? Share some pics and
tricks on Facebook!

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