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It’s BARN Hot Out There! Tips for Keeping it Comfortable

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Summertime’s here but the hottest days are yet to come, which can make it difficult to keep a simple wood structure without A.C. (like a barn) cool and comfortable. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to cooling your structure, but here are a few ways we’ve pulled it off in years past.

  • Close Doors, Open Windows, Repeat. We’ve found that when we close the doors and windows on the sunny side of the barn and open them on the shaded side it makes a nice difference in the temperature. At other times of the day we open whatever needs to be open for maximum ventilation.
  • Consider Trees. If you’re building a barn, consider doing it within the shade of some large trees. If your barn is already built, maybe it’s time to plant some trees around the perimeter – we know it’ll take awhile before it’s effective, but it’s guaranteed shade every summer once they’re grown.
  • Hoses and Fans. You can always hose down a hot horse if needed as well as having a few fans throughout the barn for circulation. Spraying the ground also helps to cool things down, especially toward the end of the day when the evening might be able to maintain some of the chill.
  • Materials Matter. If you’re building a barn, consider the materials being used; for example, cinderblock and brick are great for temperature regulation and some roofing is designed for optimal ventilation.
  • Don’t Discount a Run-In Shed. These are smaller, offering better ventilation and definite shade. Some people opt for fans in their run-in sheds which can make for a nice little retreat from the heat and humidity.

On top of keeping it cool, being clean and organized in a barn makes everything so much easier. Take a peek at our Stall Accessories, designed to help you achieve just that.  If you have a foolproof way of keeping your barn comfortable, we’d love to hear it!

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