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6 Hygiene Tips For Pets To Keep Eyes, Ears, Nose & Mouth Healthy

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For lots of people, grooming is more or less so the dog doesn’t reek and make everyone uncomfortable but, the truth is, it’s actually a major contributor to their health. Of course trim nails and a healthy coat are imperative to their looks as well as their comfort and well being, but today we’re focusing on everything above the neck. Here are 6 hygiene tips for pets:

1. Eyes.

Look in your pet’s eyes, not just to tell them you love them but to actually look at their eyeballs; they should be clear, bright, and white with no excessive tearing, crust, or discharge. Inner eyelids should be pink – not red or white. Make sure the hair around the eyes is trim to avoid irritation.

2. Ears.

If left untreated, ear infections can cause permanent damage to a sense your pet relies on daily. It’s important to check your pet’s ears regularly for any excess redness or build up and gently clean them. If the build up is pretty significant and has an odor, chances are it’s an infection that will need veterinary-attention to eliminate it.

3. Nose.

A dog or cat’s nose should appear somewhat moist and leatherlike, though if it isn’t it’s not necessarily a cause for panic. Monitor any cracks, swelling, dripping, and color changes closely; but if you notice blood, bumps that won’t go away, or ulcerations, consider calling your veterinarian.

4. Mouth.

Your pet’s teeth are a major, major player in the game of pet health. Keeping them clean is one of the best ways to keep them strong, so make sure in addition to at-home cleanings once a week they go in for a professional one at least once a year.

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