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How to Put on a Hamilton Collar

It’s our pleasure to bring our custoUntitledmers a wide variety of leashes and collars that fit every personality, but we’ve been hearing some issues with putting them on, and we certainly don’t want that! What good is coming up with great new patterns if our furry friends can’t wear them?!

In order to effectively put on a Hamilton adjustable collar, first make sure the collar fits around your pet’s neck with a little wiggle room (we like to make sure we can fit at least one or two fingers between their neck and the collar.) Once you’re sure you have the right size, loop it around their neck – making sure to put the clasp through the O-ring, and click it closed. The O-ring serves as a place to clip your leash for walks and helps to take pressure off of the buckle (the weakest part of a collar) should your dog pull. It’s also a great place for ID tags!


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