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How to prepare for a horse show


If you’re considering entering your horse into an upcoming show, there are some important steps to take to ensure your best shot during competition.

Make sure to groom your horse regularly, and not just regularly right before the big show. Routine/daily care will ensure your horse is in the best shape it can be and makes you aware of any skin or coat issues they may have. Check out our line of great shampoos, and grooming tools to keep your beauty pristine.



Make sure to have routine vet visits and checkups. You don’t want to find out there’s an issue with your horse’s health, right before you’re expected to show them. Give yourself plenty of time in the event there is an issue, to deal with and treat well in advance.


Last minute items:

  • Pack a first aid kit, they’re a must for travel and shows.
  • Grooming. Make sure to trim around the fetlocks, muzzle, face, ears and throat…take note of what’s really going to add shape and definition to your horse.
  • Wipe down their face, eyes, and ears. Comb and braid your horses mane and/or tail. Use a conditioning spray to add that final luster to their locks.

Below we’re sharing a show schedule for 2015 that HorseChannel compiled.

 Good luck!


July 2015
Spruce Meadows North American Tournament
July 1-5
Calgary, AB, Canada
The Calgary Stampede
July 3-12
Calgary, AB, Canada
North American Junior/Young Rider Championships
Dates TBA
Lexington, KY
Arabian Youth Nationals
Dates TBA
Albuquerque, NM
August 2015
Tevis Cup
August 1
Truckee, CA
Canadian Arab Nationals
Dates TBD
Brandon, MB, Canada
Festival of the Horse and Drum
Aug. 15-16
St. Charles, IL
American Saddlebred World’s Championship Horse Show
Dates TBD
Louisville, KY
September 2015
Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament
Dates TBD
Calgary, AB, Canada
AMHR Miniature Horse Nationals
Dates TBD
Tulsa, OK
Arabian Sport Horse Nationals
Dates TBD
Namba, ID
Dressage at Devon
Dates TBD
Devon, PA
American Eventing Championships
Dates TBD
Tyler, TX
Paso Fino Horse Association Grand National Championship Show
Dates TBD
Lexington, KY
International Friesian Show Horse Association World & Grand National Horse Show
Sept. 30 – Oct. 4
Burbank, CA
October 2015
All-American Quarter Horse Congress
Oct. 1-25
Columbus, OH
Bluebonnet Horse Expo
Dates TBA
Austin, TX
Morgan Grand National
Oct. 10-17
Oklahoma City, OK
Arabian US Nationals
Oct. 23-31
Tulsa, OK
Washington International Horse Show
Oct. 20-25
Washington, D.C.
The Mane Event, Equine Education & Trade Fair
Oct. 23-25
Chilliwack, BC, Canada
World Championship Appaloosa Show
Oct. 23-31
Fort Worth, TX
National Horse Show
Dates TBA
Lexington, KY
November 2015
The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Nov. 6-15
Toronto, ON, Canada
AQHA World Show
Nov. 6-21
Oklahoma City, OK
Equine Affaire
Nov. 12-15
West Springfield, MA
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