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How To: Fit A Horse Halter

Hamilton™ Horse Halters

Hamilton™ provides  several styles of premium halters for your horse in nylon or leather, depending on preference. Our nylon halters are produced from the highest quality, abrasion resistant webbing. With over 16 feet of material and 1100 inches of thread sewn in double and triple thick diamond quilted construction, our nylon halters have the form and rigidity of a fine triple-stitched leather halter.


Features of a Hamilton™ Horse Halter

  • Highest thread count for unmatched softness
  • Size tag stitched inside for easy identification
  • Rolled throat for added comfort
  • Quilted stitch pattern for longer life and added durability
  • Deluxe halters feature  brass buckle, snap, squares and tips
  • 100% professional grade custom dyed nylon webbing
  • Triple thick cheek for maximum strength

How to Fit a Horse Halter

Making sure your horse has the perfect halter fit will ensure safety and comfort ability.

  • Make sure the noseband sits two to three finger widths below the cheek bone and the cheek piece is parallel to the cheek bone.
  • For a comfortable yet secure fit, you should be able to slip three fingers inside the noseband, throatlatch, and under the chin.

Please click below for an expanded view of our proper fit chart


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