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How To: Fit A Horse Blanket

Horse Blankets

Whether you live in warmer or colder weather, a horse blanket can be used for many other reasons than just to keep warm. Horse blankets keep your horse clean, which is crucial for show horses, and some blankets can even repel bugs away from your horse. A horse blanket for elderly horses and very young horses keep them warm and comfortable during their fragile years. A horse blanket can also be used on clipped horses to keep them warm, especially during cool nights, and can help horses adapt from warmer climates to colder climates. Hamilton™ Tack and Care provides horse blankets and fly sheets for your horse’s many needs.

How To Fit a Hamilton™ Horse Blanket

Hamilton™ horse blankets have sizes that range from weanling, 72 inches, to large, 84 inches, benefiting any horse size.


  • Start by measuring your horse with a flexible measuring tape and measure from the center of your horse’s chest, around the widest part of the shoulder.
  • Continue measuring along your horse’s barrel and around the widest part of the hind-quarter to the center of the rear.
  • The measurement in inches is the size of blanket you will need for your horse.
  • If you are in the middle of two sizes, choose the larger size because having a looser blanket is better than a tight blanket for your horse.
  • You will want to make sure your hand can fit underneath it.

Choosing a Hamilton blanket is easy.  Our colored size chart is on the package.  Simply look for the colored horse symbol that matches your horses size.


No matter what location your horse is in keep him comfortable by providing the highest quality blankets for your horse.

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