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How To: Fit A Dog Harness

Hamilton™ Dog Harnesses

When should you choose a harness over the traditional dog collar?  First, we always suggest a collar with ID tags attached whenever your dog is out because even the most diligent pet parent may suffer the angst of a lost pet and a collar with ID tags will help to get your pet home.  With that said, there are instances when a harness is the best choice for walking with a leash.  Leash walking a dog that pulls with a traditional collar can lead to neck injuries, restricted breathing and, in some cases, trachea irritation or collapse.  A properly fitted harness relieves pressure from the neck and throat by transferring it to the chest and shoulders.  A harness also offers a more secure fit for dogs with thicker necks who may be prone to pull out of a collar should they become panicked.

Hamilton™ Harnesses are made using premium quality nylon with the highest thread count for maximum softness and durability. Hamilton harnesses are designed to fit your dog proportionately according to the measurement of his chest size.


Measure the chest size with a flexible tape measure right behind the front legs up and around.  Adjust buckles to fit your dog’s chest and shoulders comfortably. Fit should be snug, but you should be able to fit two fingers between your dogs body and the harness.

Be sure to check the fit and adjust as necessary before each use.

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