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Horse Care

Whether you have a horse for riding, showing, or working, horse care is always a priority. These majestic creatures show strength more than anyone can imagine, and have personalities as broad as us humans. As a horse owner, it’s important for comfort and performance to be on the top of your list. Below are some horse care items and techniques that may make caring for your horse a little easier.


Animal Legend Hoof Dressing is your first grab when your horse’s hoof needs a repair. Animal Legend Hoof Dressing:

  • Strengthens and protects the outer hoof
  • Prevents thrush
  • Contains pine tar, fish oil, and wheat germ oil
  • Penetrates cracks and begins treating the hoof from the inside out

Animal Legends Tea Tree-ADE can be used for horses, other farm animals, and even pets. It is specially formulated for conditions including:

  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Rubs
  • Ringworm
  • Bites
  • Thrush

Equi-Block Topical Pain Reliever decreases inflammation and soothes the affected area. Pain relief can last up to 24 hours and consists of a warming sensation. Along with the topical pain reliever, Equi-Block Daily Treatment and Leg Tightener is formulated to treat chronic pain due to injury or arthritis. Equi-Block dilates the blood vessels to feed nutrients to the affected area. It is also veterinarian recommended and controls swelling.

Hamilton™ Care provides Animal Legends and Equi-Block care items for your horse’s first aid needs. We know the importance of keeping all animals comfortable and happy, as well as their owners, which is why our 40 year heritage of equipping our customers with the highest quality products is our ultimate goal.

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