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Helping Horses Get Spruced up for Spring










Most horse owners know just how important a well-groomed horse is; not just for looks, but for their health. Keeping their coats and shoes clean rids them of dirt and bacteria where harmful pathogens (and pesky insects) can hide. During winter, horses develop a longer, thicker coat to insulate and protect them against harsh temperatures – but, once the weather warms up, it’s important to help your horse shed their winter coat to avoid overheating. Here are some tips to help your companion shed their extra layer and be spring time ready.

  • Grab a curry comb and get to work loosening up the old Once a section loosens, use the body brush to finally remove the hair and smooth their coat underneath.
  • Consider a shedding blade for their neck and flank.
  • Be careful to avoid sensitive areas on thin-skinned buddies. And you can always soothe their skin and prompt healthy hair growth with a skin mist.
  • Helping your horse by hand will take a few sessions; in the meantime, make sure your active horse isn’t sweating too much and, if they are running a little hot, consider an electrolyte supplement until their winter coat is completely gone.
  • You can always use clippers or precision trimmers to expedite the process, just be sure you know what you’re doing and you don’t rush through it to avoid nicking your horse.
  • Once their winter coat is gone, regular bathing and hoof maintenance will have your horse looking radiant during the upcoming months!

What are some ways you get your horse warm weather ready? We’d love to hear!

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