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Hamilton Nylon Collar Features

Hamilton nylon collars, feature webbing that is 100% first run, professional grade and outperforms all others in strength, flexibility and durability. The collars offer a high thread count resulting in unmatched feel and are custom dyed to reduce fading and bleeding. Hamilton, known for having a color pallet second to none, offers many different rich and vibrant colors in two different styles of collar. Both the strait collars and adjustable collars have their own set of features.

Adjustable collar:

  • Custom buckle insert matches the color of the collar
  • Unique O ring placement removes stress from plastic buckle/clasp and puts stress on stronger nylon. This quadruples the strength of the item versus the competition


Strait collar:

  • Shoe grade construction eyelets enhance look and eliminate fraying
  • All cuts are finished away from dog’s neck to avoid irritation
  • Sewing thread is same color as the collar (instead of black)
  • D ring and extra keeper offer better fit and allow for easy tie out with one ring dedicated to tie out or walking and the other to ID info


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