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Grooming: Show Animals

Preparing for show season not only takes a lot of time and hard work, but requires proper tools to help your animal become a winner. Some tools you will need for your show animal this season are collars, leads, harnesses, brushes, shampoos, and fly protection. For your one stop shop, Hamilton Care™ offers a complete line of premium products for livestock including health and grooming aids, remedies, first aid items, and supplements.


Importance of Brushing

While showing an animal, the animal needs to look her best. Judges can easily notice animals that have been regularly brushed and those who have not.

  • Brush your show animal at least once a day
  • Brushing removes dirt and long hair so the soft and silky new hair can be visible
  • Animals regularly brushed have finer texture and high gloss

Washing Your Show Animal

Having a clean animal to show is crucial. The animal is not only judged by the performance, but the appearance as well.

  • Use a steady water flow starting at the hooves and making your way up the leg to the body
  • Hold ears so water does not enter, which could cause the ear to limp for a few days
  • Remove tangles with conditioner and brushing
  • Always allow time for your animal to dry before a show and do no place a blanket on your animal right after a bath, this causing molding and mats

When the competition gets fierce, use Hamilton Care™ products and win first place for your show animal’s best look.

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