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Dog Walking Benefits: So Nice, You’ll Do It Twice!

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February 22 is National Dog Walking Day, a call to action to get your pet leashed up and out in the fresh air for a little exercise. It’s easy to think walking the dog is a chore (and some days it is), but it’s time we remind you of all the sweet benefits that come from leashing up. They’re so great, in fact, that we challenge you to take your dog on TWO walks regularly and here’s why:

It’s Exercise.

This may not sweeten the deal for some, but getting your joints and body moving is SO important to long-term health. Getting your heart pumping and blood flowing just a little faster is so good for both of you, especially in comparison to sitting at home watching TV.

Reduced Heart Disease.

It’s proven. Even a short 20-30 minute walk 3x a week can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Losing or Maintaining Weight.

We all know that physical activity burns calories and boost metabolism – need we say more?

Fresh Air and Vitamin D.

No one can dispute that a breath of fresh air and feeling the sun can lift moods. We physically can’t live without sun or air, so why not get as much of ‘em as you can?

Burns Energy.

Allowing your pet to burn off excess energy can reduce destructive behavior, nuisance barking, and a number of other unwanted behaviors – simply because they’re too tired!

Enriches your Bond.

Spending this time together helps train your pet and strengthens the bond you share. As you two walk more and more you’ll learn about your pet’s curiosities, fears, and reactions to new stimuli they’d never get at home.

You can reap these
benefits with one walk a few times a week, but starting and ending your day
with a refreshing jaunt is such a great way for both of you to stay agile and
healthy – not to mention doubling the health-enhancing perks. How often do you
walk your dog? If you’ll be out and about on February 22, snap a picture and
post it to our Facebook page!

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