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December 13 Marks National Day of The Horse

national day of the horse

December 13 marks National Day of the Horse

Don’t ask us why it’s not National Horse Day, but it really is National Day of the Horse.  No matter how you phrase it it’s a day we can gladly celebrate. We may be bias, but we think horses are absolutely amazing! Most people don’t consider how crucial they were in establishing the west (and other cultures), or that they’ve ridden us to victories in war. They used to be the engine for emergency fire engines way back in the day too! Horses are truly incredible creatures with their sturdy stature and hearts of gold. As an ode to these amazing animals, we’re doling out a few winter care tips because it’s the best way we know how to disperse our love for them through others.

Fresh Water. Be diligent in ensuring their water doesn’t freeze, as they need to stay hydrated no matter what the temperature outside is.

Increased rations. Horses burn more calories to stay warm in winter months, which may mean significant weight loss for some. Unless your horse is on a diet, talk with your vet about ideal portions during the winter.

Regular grooming and hoof care. Regular grooming contributes to your horse’s health and allows you to assess them head to hoof for any potential issues. Whether they’re being ridden or not, proper hoof maintenance is recommended every 6 to 8 weeks regardless of the season; a horse’s hooves are essential to their abilities, making their care incredibly important.

Ongoing exercise regimen. Whether you continue riding or do some safe longeing, it’s imperative to keep your horse active so they remain strong for riding in the warmer months. If the weather in your area simply won’t allow for activity, be sure to turn them out to pasture daily.

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