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Choosing the Right Color for Your Dog!


How do you pick out a collar for a dog who can’t tell you what they like? Go with the color that complements your dog’s coat! Collars are not just something to attach a lead or ID to, they can also help your dog stand out and make a fashion statement. When choosing the right collar to stand out against your dog’s coat color it is important to choose contrasting colors. Hamilton has the perfect collar for any color of coat!

Dogs with warm color coats such as red, brown, or tan would look great in one of Hamilton’s cool colors such as royal blue, teal, lime green, or even raspberry if you really want to make a statement! Gray is considered a cool color; therefore, you want a warm color for your pet. If you choose from one of Hamilton’s Earth Series collars you can’t go wrong!

If your dog has a white coat you have the luxury of knowing a collar of any color will be seen. But if you really want your dog to stand out, try a dark color such as: wine, navy blue, dark green, or even try plum from the Hamilton Luxurious Series.

Hamilton is known for having a color palette second to none. This offers plenty of rich and vibrant choices for every dog regardless of fur color. If your pet has black fur, you also have the option to choose any color. However, let your dog be the talk of the dog park and choose a bright color! Hamilton offers many colors to choose from so try: hot pink, hot orange, lime green, or even lavender.

No matter what color you choose for your pet’s collar, if you choose Hamilton you can’t choose wrong!

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