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Bye Bye, Boredom: 4 Tips For Keeping Pets Entertained

Tips for keeping pets entertained 

For working pet parents, mornings can be hard – not only do you have to get yourself ready, but you’re forced to close the door on your favorite furry face and to leave your buddy bored at home. For some pets, it’s fine – they’ll lounge and window-peer the day away, but for others it can prompt unwelcome curiosities and destructive habits that can hinder your bond. To help alleviate the guilt and maybe make mornings easier, we are doling out our favorite tried-and-true ways to thwart a bored pet.

1. Morning Walks.

We know those zzzs are precious, but waking up even 15 minutes earlier and taking the dog on a walk will make a huge difference for both of you. It’ll help Fido burn some energy, satisfy some curiosity via sniffing, and mark a few trees, while the fresh air and movement will actually boost your energy and kick start your metabolism for the day. So grab that leash and make your mornings a win/win!

2. Frozen Treats.

Get a toy with an open center and fill it with peanut butter or cheese spread and pop it in the freezer. When it’s time for everyone to leave, reward your pet with the long-lasting lick treat – by the time they finish, the excitement and commotion of everyone leaving will be through and they can relax in the quiet house.


3. A Special Toy.

If there’s a special toy your pet is particularly fond of, use it! Put it away when you’re home and only give it to them when you’re about to leave; they’ll be so excited by seeing their favorite plaything they’ll forget all about you. (Just be sure it’s a toy that can’t cause a safety issue if used without supervision.)  Pro-Tip: This will eventually condition Fido to know he’ll be on his own for a few hours and he’ll adapt his behavior and mentality as needed.

4. TV or Radio.

We’re not kidding – some of our friends swear their pet calmed down when they started leaving the television or radio on for them as ‘company.’ Of course, this won’t work for everyone but it doesn’t hurt to try!

What are your favorite ways to entertain your pet while you’re away? We’d love to hear more ideas on Facebook!  Also, don’t forget to add our new hashtag #SeasonOfPets to your photos!

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