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Argyle Tuesday – Celebrate with Hamilton!

Hamilton Highland print is perfect for Argyle Tuesday!

Did you know that the first Tuesday in January has been dubbed Argyle Tuesday?

Shout out to the standout pattern that keeps socks, skirts, ties, and even collars classy. We love this classic pattern so much, that we have dubbed every Tuesday as Argyle Tuesday! A quick history on argyle: it’s derived from the tartan of an old Scottish clan hailing from Argyll. It became fashionable in the US after WWI, around 1918, and consists of a seemingly three-dimensional layering of diamonds and solid lines in any color combination you can imagine.

Including pets in the festivities is easy! Not only are there a million sweater options out there but our Highland collar can add a pop of fashion to your pet’s coat all year. And, the best news is, they don’t even have to be a Scottie! Durable, secure, and a snap to put on, all of our collars are thoughtfully made with all cuts finished away from the neck to avoid irritation.

Take this totally social media-worthy opportunity and post a picture of you and your pooch donning your favorite argyle accessories. Use the hashtag #argyleday and be sure to tag Hamilton Products!

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