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April Showers Bring… Wet Dog Smell















Man oh man, this wet weather is killing us. Not only because our pant legs get damp and people drive really slow, but because our dogs STINK! What’s the deal?! Well, if you care, wet dog smell happens when naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria produce organic acid, which smells worse when wet. Now that you’ve got the scientific reason behind the musk, here are a few not-so-scientific ways of combating it at home:

  • Keep the Terry Cloth on Deck. Upon traipsing in from the wet outdoors, give your dog a thorough drying by hand, ridding their coat of as much moisture as possible. (This will probably require a stack of towels.)
  • Can’t Beat a Blow Out. If possible, try to blow dry their fur for optimal (and much faster) dryness.
  • Mist Dogs with a Grooming Spray. It won’t eliminate the smell but it will certainly weaken it until their fur dries.
  • Vacuum and Steam. Bring out these cleaning tools out once a week during rainy season if you want to stay ahead of the smell.
  • Air Fresheners and Deodorizers. (For immediate relief.)
  • Keep ‘em Grounded. When they’re wet, it’s best to keep dogs off the furniture. We suggest closing bedroom doors to prevent them from getting on beds or drying themselves on your expensive curtains.


Do you have a go-to trick to combat wet dog smell? Share with us!

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