Hamilton Ambassadors

Rory & Tucker

Rory, Tucker & their owner, Kristin, live in Michigan. For adventures, their favorite gear is any piece from the Go Boldly collection. During early morning runs, they use the High Visibility gear to be seen & stay safe.
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Gräfin and her owner, Korbin, live in Chicago, Illinois. While adventuring in not only Chicago, but Colorado too, they have been using Hamilton gear for all their hikes, swimming or just the casual stroll.
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Mackenzie & Team

Mackenzie grew up in south central Minnesota where her 6 quine friends live, too! She loves and appreciates the variety of halter styles and colors Hamilton has to offer.
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Kneesaa & Salvy

Kneesaa, Salvy & their mom, Cassie, are livin' it up in warmer weather down south in Florida! They are big fans of Hamilton gear because it can handle even the dirtiest/sandiest hikes.
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Caroline & Team

Caroline is a horse owner and dog mom that lives in the Rocky Mountains. New to the Hamilton brand, she has been loving the wide variety of gear she can get for both her horse and pup!
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Sunny & Wilson

Sunny, Wilson and their owners, Carly & Luke, are based out of Bozeman, Montana. Travel lovers & adventure seekers, they take their pups with them everywhere! They have been using Hamilton gear since Sunny & Wilson were pups & are loving the Go Boldly and High Visibility collections.
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Akiko and Tiffany, Akiko's mom, are full-time adventurer's who love hiking and road trips. The Go Boldly gear has been a staple everywhere they go.
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Bear and Veronica, Bear's owner, love adventuring and getting dirty - so good quality gear is important to them. They have been loving the Go Boldly gear for all their swimming, trips, walks and hikes.
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Lily, Dej & Kona

Kayla, dog mom of Dej, Kona and Lily, live in Northern California. With endless adventures & sights to see, they are always using Hamilton gear while out and about.
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